CNC Machined Plugs


Vectorworks utilizes several state of the art 5-Axis CNC Machining Centers too accurately and quickly reproduce your 3D geometry whether it's a new hull or deck design, aircraft fuselage, or architectural device.  The sub-structures for machining are all fully developed in our 3D CAD package around the geometry to be machined.  All of our plugs typically start with a very rigid steel sub-base.  This sub-base is constructed of torsionally rigid closed section steel tubing (i.e. not angle or channel).  This provides a stiff, stable reference plane back to the original 3D model.  NC machined 3/4" plywood stations are also generated and set onto the steel frame.  These stations are fully sheeted with 3/4" plywood providing an extremely rigid underlying structure for our very specific combination of urethane foam, fiberglass, and high density tooling putty.  The plugs are machined twice; once in the foam with a ½" undercut from the final surface, and then again to the final surface after the foam has been locked in place with a significant layer of FRP, and sprayed with putty.   Typically all inside radii are machined to 1/4" and small outside radii are left sharp, but the final details are developed in conjunction with the customer to suit their needs.  After machining, the surfaces and lines are all completely fair and accurate.  The plug is ready to lightly sand off the residual machining scallops, address the radii as required by the customer, and then prime. 

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